3 story home in St. Pete with lighting

Illuminating Elegance: A Marvelux Case Study in Tampa Bay

At Marvelux, we believe that the right lighting can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary. Our recent case study in the beautiful Old Northeast area is a testament to this philosophy. Our client, a discerning homeowner with an eye for detail, initially requested our expertise solely to enhance the ground floor and surrounding greenery of their luxurious residence. Little did they know, this was just the beginning of a journey that would illuminate their home like never before.

Initial Vision: Ground Floor and Greenery

Our team began by meticulously designing an outdoor lighting plan that would accentuate the architectural beauty of the ground floor while bringing the lush greenery to life. We used a combination of architectural lighting and landscape lighting to create a harmonious blend that highlighted the home’s features and provided a warm, inviting ambiance. While we also designed lighting to accentuate the second and third floor details, our customer only selected the ground floor options.

3 story home with only 1 story lit 3 story home with only 1 story lit 3 story home with only 1 story lit

The Revelation: Expanding the Vision

Upon completion, the transformation was undeniable. The ground floor and greenery glowed with a subtle elegance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the property. But our client then saw the light so to speak and decided to take it a step further. Inspired by the impact of the initial installation, they requested that we extend our lighting design to the second story and the attic window, as well as the rest of the yard.

3 story home in St. Pete with lighting 3 story home in St. Pete with lighting 3 story home in St. Pete with lighting 3 story home in St. Pete with lighting

Elevating the Experience: A Complete Transformation

Rising to the challenge, our team executed the lighting plan, carefully selecting fixtures and placements that would complement the existing design while adding depth and dimension to the home. The second story and attic window were illuminated, showcasing the architectural beauty of the upper levels, while additional landscape lighting brought the entire yard to life, creating a cohesive and enchanting outdoor space.

The Marvelux Difference

This project exemplifies the Marvelux difference: our commitment to understanding our clients’ visions and our ability to elevate them beyond their expectations. The result is a home that shines in the Tampa Bay area, a testament to the power of thoughtful and expertly executed outdoor and architectural lighting.

For those seeking to transform their homes into illuminated masterpieces, Marvelux is your partner in bringing your vision to light. Contact us to discover how we can enhance your property’s beauty and ambiance with our bespoke lighting solutions.